Loch of Loirston

Another stocking of Westmill Fish Farm Rainbow Trout taking place at Loirston Loch this week, nearly 500 fish went in as part of the stocking programme for 2020.

We had a few helpers today making sure there were no casualties, all the fish recovered well after their trip from down South.

We also had a visitor to the loch while the fish were being put in “The Osprey’s They are regular visitors to the loch, taking fish without a permit, nice to see them again this year. He went away with a nice 2lb rainbow.


ADAA Millpond Fishery

The ADAA Millpond Fishery was stocked this week with over 100 fantastic looking 2lb rainbow trout, the first of the 2020 stocking programme. The stocking went well with all the fish happy with their new surroundings, the fish all looked in great condition with full fins & tails, should be great sport for the next few months. Remember you must book a session on the ADAA booking system before you can fish and remember its catch & release unless you buy a keep a fish permit.

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