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21.12.17. First major Enforcement Undertaking secures more than £280,000 of environmental benefits for communities impacted by AWPR pollution, including £20,000 for the Association, see Sepa media release:ttp://

15.7.17. A. J Coutts Trophy. We have received a serious contender for the heaviest salmon caught on ADAA Waters for this season, see photos on right. 20lb. Sea liced. River Dee, Banchory Devenick beat. Fly. Safely returned.

25.4.17.  See across for a photo of recent activity at the loch and Parkhill Fishery that some of our members may find of interest!

16.4.17 River Ythan bailiffing services. A letter dated 29 March has been received from the River Ythan Fishery Board. The Board is entering a service level agreement with the Don District Salmon Fishery Board to provide bailiffing services to the Ythan District that will involve both Don & Dee Bailiffs regularly patrolling the district.

19.3.17 Springer from Kemnay! We finally have a photo of Nicky Taylor's 8lb fresh salmon caught about a week and a half a go, see right.

23.2.17. Bothy beside the Bridge of Dee. A photograph of the bothy on whose land is owned by the Association beside the Bridge of Dee was recently discovered by our President on Facebook.  It is suspected it was taken 1900 to 1910. The back wall of the bothy still exists and can still be seen today marked by white paint.

I have posted the photo on the olden days page:

4.2.17 Ardlethen footbridge replacement. Congratulations on securing £10,000 of Lottery Funding for this project has been received from Alex Salmond MP, see letter:

29.1.17 Ardlethen footbridge replacement. Statement by the President, see opposite:

29.1.17 Ardlethen footbridge replacement. The Associations success in securing £10,000 of Lottery Funding for this project is to be raised in the Scottish Parliament, see opposite:

28.1.17 Aberdeen and District Angling Association awarded £10,000 from Big Lottery Fund! This is in relation to the Ardlethen footbridge replacement, as photo on this page. See Big Lottery press release & link:

19.1.17 No increase in subs for 2017! Members at the AGM held last night (18th January) decided that they stay the same as 2016.

27.12.16 Rescued photos from Storm Frank January 2016. I have added a number of these. (double click on any of the photos):

4.12.16 River Ythan Trust Newsletter. See here:

Rivers Final River Don 24 June 2016- win for Scotland- Full results here:

3.4.16 Fresh springer caught off Manse Pool yesterday. See fish pics page for photo.


21.3.16 6 to 8lb Fresh springer caught off Upper Parkhill.  See fish pics page for photos.


12.3.16 Photos of fish. I have added a new page (fish pics) to post photos of fish caught on Association waters. I have added 1 or 2 that I have & am looking for more. Please email them to me at & I will post them there. Thanks.


28.2.16. Fresh Springer caught! Long standing member Ernie Mackay caught a springer on the worm around the 6 lb mark at Methlick yesterday while fishing for finnock. Though very unusual there have been 1 or 2 other occasions in the last 10 years or so where springers have been caught on the Ythan by reputable anglers fishing for finnock on light tackle.


21.1.16 No increase in subscriptions! At the AGM last night (20 January) members decided that there would be no increase in annual subscriptions this season.As well as by Direct Debit members can now pay on line or at Somers Fishing Tackle Shop. If you plan to pay by DD & want to pay by 10 instalments remember that the cut -off date for ADAA to receive the mandate & preference form is 10 February. For all other payments (including paying by DD in one instalment) its 28 February as usual.

22.2.16- Aberdeen & District Angling Association are proud to announce that they will host the 2016 River International on 24th June 2016.

The River Don’s Upper Fintray, Lower Fintray, Upper Parkhill, Lower Parkhill and Upper Stoneywood are the chosen beats where teams from Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales will compete over the course of a one day International.

The SANACC international Committee are looking for volunteers to become controller for the event, a controller is usually an angler who shadows a chosen International angler for the day, measures any fish he caught, records the catch is it meets the criteria, the controller will also ensure that the International anglers flies meet the international rules. All equipment will be issued prior to the International.

This is a great opportunity to see up close the top twenty anglers in the UK & Ireland, you’ll see how they approach the water, how they set-up their rods and the methods use, including the flies they use.

The one day international kicks off at the Lower Parkhill carpark below ASDA where everyone will meet at about 8am, where controllers will team-up with anglers before heading off the their start points. The International competition well start with session (1) 10am - 11.30 Session (2) 11.30 - 1pm lunch break will be between 1pm & 3pm session (3) 2pm – 3.30pm session 4 (3.30 – 5pm Score cards are then returned to the officials at the end of the day once the anglers has signed off his card.

Lunch will be provided at the Greentrees in Dyce were all the anglers and controller will meet up during the lunch break, prior to the start of session (3) everyone will have a choice of three main meals that will be available.

If you would like to put your name forward as an official International controller for this event please drop me an email to I will then contact each volunteer individually to go through the procedures of the day’s events and what is required as a controller.

There is an opportunity to attend the International diner at the Thainstone House Hotel in Inverurie where a three course meal is on offer, but this will be on a first come bases at £35.00 per head. There is also discounted accommodation, again there will be limited rooms available again on a first come bases. Once again a great opportunity to get up close to all the International anglers over a beer.

1.2.16 The Press and Journal today:  (its pools they mean not ponds!)


8.2.16 Press Release:

The start of the Salmon season for members of the ADAA on their stretches of the Rivers Don and Ythan look promising despite the damage caused by storm Frank. Since the beginning of the year, members of the ADAA have been busy clearing up the riverbank of debris washed down stream as a result of the recent flooding.


Access to enable members to fish our prime spring fishing pools on the river for the start of the season on 11th February, was the number one priority says Bob Dey, President of the ADAA.


The association, one of the largest and oldest angling organisations in the country offering some of the finest salmon, sea trout and brown trout fishing on over 40 miles of riverbank which the association owns and leases. The ADAA also have two lochs close to the city stocked with rainbow trout.


At £210 pa plus a joining fee, there is a thriving membership which is open to anyone, not just those residing in the city wishing to join. Those wishing to know more about the association and available fishing, and methods of joining, please visit the ADAA website


For more information please contact

Mr. Bob Dey on 01224 820388


YThan Trust response on Salmon Netting by USAN

Scottish Wild Salmon Company (USAN) (REVISED DRAFT 14/04/2015)
Proposal to Recommence Salmon and Sea Trout Netting at Newburgh in 2015.



We, the River Ythan Trust, a registered Scottish Charity, whose volunteers (we have no employees) have spent several thousand man hours over the last few years surveying and carrying out works in the Ythan and tributaries to improve access and habitat, mainly for salmon and trout, are deeply concerned that our efforts may be negated by renewed netting activities which have not being active for the last 17 years.


If fish numbers in the Ythan deteriorate significantly due to netting activities (which appears inevitable, given the statement of the Scottish Wild Salmon Company, that they expect to harvest around 750 Salmon and 2000 sea trout) there is a likelihood that many our volunteers, virtually all anglers, will give up, and our activities regarding habitat improvement, invasive non-native plant monitoring and control, educational projects and involvement with SEPA regarding the Water Framework Directive River Basin Management Planning process, will have to cease – in fact the very existence of our trust could be in jeopardy. Volunteers are very scarce and special people, without their involvement we cannot continue.



In the 1960’s, the then government commissioned a study to consider how best to regulate and protect salmon and sea trout stocks in Scotland.


The end result of the study was the production of the Hunter Report.


One of the principal proposals was that salmon and sea trout netting should only be pursued within rivers, and that coastal mixed stock (fish from different river systems) netting be stopped -coastal netting operations harvest fish indiscriminately, without taking into any account whether  stocks are sustainable or otherwise.

Unfortunately over the last 50 years various governments, including the current Scottish Government, have taken no action to implement these recommendations.



When the Scottish Government initiated the review in March 2014 under the chairmanship of Mr Andrew Thin, we were very optimistic that after half a century waiting some real action on the recommendation made by the Hunter Report to cease coastal mixed stock netting might finally happen.


It was not long before our hopes were dashed. At a meeting in Inverurie with Andrew Thin on 16th May 2014, attended by representatives from the Ythan District Salmon Fishery Board, Aberdeen and District Angling Association and the River Ythan Trust, Mr Thin advised that it was not the government’s, intention to cease netting, and would not be prepared to fund a buyout of netting stations.


Just another in a long line of failures - so much for the Scottish Government’s “so called” commitment to wild salmon conservation.



The River Ythan Estuary was up from the early part of the 20th century until the late 1980s, the most important sea trout angling fishery in Britain, and although the numbers of fish have declined, is still very important – a feeding area for sea trout for the River Ythan and adjacent rivers.


Even if the proposed licencing system is introduced in 2016, sea trout are currently excluded from the scheme, therefore the Scottish Wild Salmon Company will be allowed to kill as many as they can legally catch – a glaring omission and complete failure to protect stocks.



The rationale for the licencing kill system is to ensure conservation limits for salmon are not exceeded, a principle we are fully behind; unfortunately, as we advised Andrew Thin, at our meeting on 16th May 2014, conservation or sustainability limits are not known for the Ythan, and almost certainly unknown for 95% + of all other rivers in Scotland, even for those whose annual incomes are 5 to 10 times that of the Ythan.


We must therefore assume that when the salmon kill licences are issued in 2016, this will not be based on sound scientific evidence as indicated in the WFR, but by some system of guesswork.


In the case of the new netting proposal at Newburgh, this will be even more of a guess, since the salmon stocks are likely to be from juveniles of Dee, Don, Ythan, Water of Cruden, Ugie, Deveron, Spey, and perhaps further afield.



There are some, with vested interests, who are in complete denial regarding the decline in the percentage of adult salmon returning to our shores, however the government funded Fisheries Research Service (now Marine Scotland Science) have been monitoring this matter on the North Esk continuously since 1964 and have confirmed the decline to be dramatic. Between 1964 and the mid-1970s alone, the decline was 60%, and to date is believed to be around 90%.


It is now long past the time for the Scottish Government to take action to cease coastal mixed stock fisheries, in this case, in the Ythan catchment, which is wholly within the Aberdeenshire East constituency of the former First Minister, Alex Salmond MSP, and the currently contested British Government constituency of Gordon.

Yes Mr Salmond – time to stand up and be counted by trying to save our local salmon and sea trout in Aberdeenshire – every government has been ducking the issue for 50 years.



Alec Paterson. Secretary. River Ythan Trust. 12 Balmoral Wynd. Ellon. AB41 9GT.

Tel. 01358 722335