ADAA River Dee Middle Drum Fishings

ADAA River Dee Middle Drum Fishings

I am pleased to announce that the Association has secured a two-year lease on the Middle Drum Beat of the River Dee. This small but very productive beat is situated close to the village of Drumoak and is easily accessible with vehicle parking adjacent to the hut by the river. This four rod beat provides excellent fishing at all heights of water, fishing mainly from the bank with little or no wading. There is a comfortable and well-equipped hut for Association members to use with electric light, cooking facilities and toilet. Similar to the Associations other Dee beats members will be able to secure a fishing session by using the online booking system.

This additional fishing for Association members will, I am sure, be well utilised.

The Middle Drum Fishings location map can be found here:

Dee River, Aberdeen & DAA beats, 2013 – Google My Maps

The Middle Drum Fishings rules for 2023 can be found here:

middle-drum-rules-323.pdf (

ADAA Members may book and fish on the beat from Monday 27 March.

If you are interested in joining the Association, please complete our online application form:

Paul Adderton

President, Aberdeen and District Angling Association