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“How would you like to invite a fellow angler to fish with you as a guest of the ADAA”?


A new initiative for the Association is for members to invite a guest to accompany them for a day’s fishing on any of the Associations waters. It is anticipated that this initiative will encourage their guest, after seeing and experiencing what a diversity of fishing that the ADAA has to offer anglers, to consider joining the Association.

To obtain permits members must email guest@adaasales.co.uk requesting the date they wish a guest to accompany them (please give at least 7 days prior notice) and their own name and membership number and the name and address of their guest.

To manage the arrangement in a fair and efficient way the following rules must be adhered to:


  • Each member will only be allocated a maximum of two guest days per season

  • Members applying for a Guest Permit will include their name and membership number and the name and address of their guest. The permit will then be issued electronically via email, to the member.

  • Members will issue their guest a copy of the permit which will identify them by their name and address applying for the Guest Permit.

  • Members must immediately advise their guest to observe all ADAA rules, be in the company of the member (on the same beat), submit any catch return and record fishing effort for salmon on the guest’s behalf, and will always be responsible for their actions.

  • On river beats that have rod restrictions for example, the Culter Beat river Dee, the guest will rod share with the member.